the hanger collection logo painted on the front building downtown lufkin

Its official & pretty legit.

the hanger collection logo painted front sign When you take the huge step and rent the space for your dream store it is a monumental moment.  Setting up all the details of a new business are great steps forward....  BUT I have to say seeing the logo (which was awesomely designed by my sister in law Emily) being painted on the building was the best!  It was a great feeling and realization of what is really happening!  So much has been poured into making this dream become a reality.  
My awesome family has supported me and worked side by side to get every detail perfect.  From my friends volunteering to help in anyway needed.  the hanger collection front logo painted on brick My incredible mom, dad, brothers, sisters, cousin and neices have all gone above and beyond.  We have all done this to bring the very best to our community.  Our family strongly believes that if you are going to do something you go all out....and that is what we have done with The Hanger.  This collection will be one to stand out from the rest, and bring some classic but still modern styles for ladies of all types.  

So looking now at this building with the freshly painted The Hanger logo on the black is happening!  The Hanger will be opening soon for business and I cannot wait to share the styles selected!  I will see you soon!

- Karlye

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